Silly Discord bot all about balls.

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Balls bot

Balls bot is a small Discord bot all about balls. Spherical objects are cool, so i made an entire bot about them. This bot aims to bring lighthearted fun to your server. The features are simple, but fun!
Get an economy, a dungeon game, gacha, a replying chatbot, and other silly commands just by adding this bot!
(btw i pay for all this from my own pocket so please don't make me go bankrupt)
Also, before adding this bot, make sure to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy!


As mentioned above, balls bot has many silly features, including economy, ball gambling, gacha, a chatbot, image responding, and an entire dungeon game within!
You can check all of these commands by going to the commands page! The bot also uses OpenAI's artificial intelligence to generate text on the go, so you can talk to it by mentioning it! (Note that balls bot changes its mood every day, and may sometimes be rude)
Balls bot is updated constantly, and i'll be adding/improving many features in the future! Check the changelog for more details.

Balls Dungeon

The Balls Dungeon is a game within balls bot, in which your goal is to defeat the Balling King, and complete the dungeon! To get started, create a character, and go on a quest. Find or buy gear to become stronger, fight other server members for their money, upgrade your gear at the smithy, and complete all 40 floors of the dungeon! Become the Eternal Balling Ruler of Balltopia!
Please visit the command list page to see all available commands, as there's quite a bit of them.


Use commands, like /daily to gather daily balls, which you can use to purchase different balls, which give you perks! Farm plants to earn currency, and gamble with /gamble for a chance to win even more balls! Use those balls as currency for dungeon content, and more! You can spend these balls to /roast someone, or even play gacha! Become the ball magnate, and gather as many balls as you can!


NEW! The gacha system is a game in which you spend your balls to receive a random card, ranging from 1☆ all the way to 5☆☆☆☆☆! Gain a /daily bonus by getting unique cards, and complete the collection! There are currently 81 different cards to collect.

Miscellaneous commands

Balls bot also offers a few other commands, just for fun! Get a random image of balls with /balls, ask the magical /8ball. The world is your oyster, or in this case, your ball.

And more to come!

This bot is updated regularly with fixes and additional features! So if you're unsure if you want it yet, just add it or wait for more features to be added! I constantly think of new ways to spice up the bot and make it more silly and fun! Also, if you have any questions, want to hear about updates, would like to suggest something, or report bugs, please, join the balls bot Community Server over at this link!