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April Update!

Long time no see!!!

How've you been? I hope everything's been going smoothly for y'all, as i myself have been getting a bit lazy, yet still having great bursts of insane productivity every few days or so. Through many lazy weeks i managed to find the time to work on two games that i think have a chance to be good!

The first one that i started work on is a 2D top-down sandbox/survival game that i hinted at all they way back in January. I actually haven't started work on it until yesterday, as i had another project going on, as well as very serious technical difficulties while working on it. Long story short - due to my inexperience, i had some trouble with terrain generation, as i wanted random terrain. But through some miracle, i learned enough C/C++ to actually get a working terrain algorithm! It's still rudimentary, as it's still only day 2 of the project, but it's looking promising! Below is a screenshot of a 256x256 island, that takes only around 0.2s to generate on my PC even without optimization. Pretty cool, huh?

Aside from that, i also had an idea for a mobile rhythm game, that i worked on for weeks, but it dawned on me, that to get some good songs by my favorite artists, and get it out there... It's gonna cost A LOT... of money. So i got it just before a working demo, still working on gameplay features, and paused the project for the time being, as i work on something more personal (which is the random island game btw), while waiting for more ideas on this rhythm game. Here's a small screenshot of the game in it's early state!

Now - i'm not gonna share much more, as the stuff i've been doing is somewhat secretive, but i hope that whoever reads this is kind enough to leave an encouraging comment down below, okay? 🥺 Also, if you haven't already, please go to my Contact page and let's talk on other social media! I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Mihaugoku, signing out!
for the time being


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