Command list

Below is a list of all available commands. Note that arguments with a * are required.

General commands

/8ball question

Ask the magical 8ball a Yes/No question, and it will respond to you. It's based on the original found here: link

question - Provide an optional question.

/balls ball

Get a random ball image. There are 1000 images you can get.

ball - Choose a specific image from 1 to 1000.

/roast target*

Roast someone using OpenAI's GPT engine. (Note that as it's AI-generated, the owner takes no responsibility for what the bot says.)
This costs 100 white balls.

target* - Specify a target for the roast by mentioning the user.

/praise user*

Praise someone using OpenAI's GPT engine.
This costs 50 white balls.

user* - Specify the user to praise.

Economy commands


Once a day, use this command to gather daily white balls. White balls are used for general economy commands, like gambling, gacha, roasting, buying balls from the store, and conversion to dungeon currency.
You can earn more balls by purchasing store balls, or by completing the gacha collection. There is also a small chance to get an increased drop.

/gamble amount

Gamble an amount of white balls for a chance to double them. You can gamble up to 5 times a day, increased by 1 for every 2 balls you buy from the store.

amount - Specify the amount you want to gamble. Leave blank to check your balls and win chance.


Check how many white balls you have, as well as your owned store balls.

/buy balls ball

Buy a ball from the store, to increase your /daily winnings, as well as gain additional gamble attempts, and an increased chance for larger drops.

ball - Purchase the specified ball. Leave blank to see what balls are in store, as well as see what perks you can get. >THIS ARGUMENT MUST BE AN EMOJI!<

/buy seeds seedamount

Purchase seeds from the store to plant on your farm. Sell these plants to earn white balls. You can have up to 5 plants growing at the same time.

seed - Choose which plant you'd like to grow. Each one sells for a different amount and grows a different length. Leave blank to receive a list of available plants. > THIS ARGUMENT MUST BE AN EMOJI <
amount - Specify the amount of seeds you want to buy, up to a maximum of 5. Leaving this blank defaults to 1.


Check the status of your plants, how much time until they're ready for harvest.


Harvest your fully grown plants, to earn white balls.

Gacha commands


Use the gacha machine to obtain a random card. You can earn cards ranging from 1☆ up to 5☆☆☆☆☆. Every new card fills up your collection, increasing your /daily drops, and each duplicate refunds some of your white balls, as well as gives you some gacha coins to spend.
You get 1 free roll daily, otherwise this costs 120 white balls.


Use this command to get information about the gacha system - drop rates, current banners, and simple instructions.

/gachacard card*

Receive an image of the specified gacha card.

card* - Specify the name of the card (case-insensitive)


Check your top 15 rarest gacha cards you've obtained, as well as your gacha coins, and your collection percentage.

/gacharedeem name

Redeem a specific card by spending your gacha coins. Each rarity card costs [5, 15, 40, 100 and 250] gacha coins, respectively.

name - Specify the name of the card you would like to receive (case-insensitive). Leave blank to receive detailed instruction as well as a link to a list of all gacha cards available.

Dungeon commands

/d createcharacter name*charclass*

Create your character for the dungeon game. Each character has a name and a class, and each class builds different stats. Warriors are tankier and specialize in strength, Rogues are more evasive and deal damage mostly through dexterity and a bit of strength, and Mages are glass cannons, with high damage based on intelligence, and lower HP. Each character is server-bound, that is, you can have different characters on different servers.

name* - Your character's name.
charclass* - Your character's class.

/d statguide

Gives you a guide on which stats matter for which character.

/d quest type

Go on an AI-generated quest, and receive basic rewards of gold balls, and EXP, as well as specialized rewards of your choosing.
This command has a 2 hour cooldown.

type - Select a specialized reward: either more money, more EXP, or a chance to obtain a random Item.

/d dungeon

Attempt to fight your next Dungeon enemy. Gain a large reward upon victory. The dungeon has 40 floors total.
This command has a 30 minute cooldown.

/d character person

See a summary of your character, including your name, level, money, equipment and total stats.

person - Optionally mention another user to check their character.

/d spendpoints stat*amount*

Spend your skillpoints, earned through leveling up or purchasing them.

stat* - Select a stat, you want to improve.
amount* - Choose how many skillpoints you wish to spend.

/d shop argument

View your own personal shop, from which you can buy equipment for your character.

argument - Once a day, use the "refresh" or "r" argument to refresh your shop.

/d buy index*

Purchase a piece of equipment from the store, using your gold balls.

index* - Specify which item you want to buy, ranging from 1 to 5.

/d inventory

Check your character's inventory. You can hold up to 8 items, and any exceeding the limit will be lost.

/d equip slot*

Equip an item onto your character. If you already have another item equipped in the chosen slot, it will be swapped.

slot* - Specify which inventory slot you wish to equip.

/d sell slot*

Sell an item from your inventory to gain gold balls.

slot* - Choose an inventory slot, from which to sell an item.

/d smithy slot*attempts

Use the smithy to have a chance to upgrade your items. Upgraded items have better stats, and fetch a slightly higher price. The chance for a successful upgrade is 100% - 5% for every upgrade level. Max. upgrade level is +15.

slot* - Choose an equipment slot you wish to upgrade.
attempts - Input a number to enhance the item that many times, this does not spam the channel as much.

/d next

Look into what opponent you will face next in the dungeon. Check their name, class, and description

/d fight person*

Fight another server member's character, for a chance to steal 10% of their money, as well as earning EXP from the fight. Nothing is gained or lost on defeat.
This command has a 2 hourcooldown.

person* - Choose a person you wish to fight by mentioning them.

/d buypoints amount*

Purchase skillpoints using your gold balls. The first point costs 20, and every next point costs 1 more (21, 22, 23...)

amount* - Choose how many points you'd like to buy.

/d recharge type*

Recharge your energy to instantly skip the cooldown for either Quests, Dungeons or Fights. You can use this command 5 times per day.

type* - Choose which cooldown you'd like to skip. Quest costs 5 * level, others cost 1 * level.

/d raid

Attack the weekly raid boss. This can only be done after finishing the dungeon. This command costs 1000 orange balls.

/d raidinfo

Check the information about the current raid boss, as well as current week's leaderboard.

/d portrait index

Change your character's portrait, based on your class. Each class has 11 portraits to choose from.

index - Choose the index of the portrait you'd like to use. Leave blank to receive a link to all portraits.

/d help

View a basic help page, as well as a link to this page.

/convert amount*

Convert your white balls into gold balls. The exchange rate is 5 : 1.

amount* - Choose how many white balls you'd like to use. The value is rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5.

Pets commands

/pet buy name*

Purchase a pet, and give it a name. A pet will generate passive income for you, and help you around on the farm. You can play with it to increase their level, strengthening their money-earning capabilities.

name* - The name the pet will have.

/pet play

Once every few hours, you can play with your pet to earn them XP, which levels them up, and in turn, increases how much money they make.

/pet collect

Collect money from your pet. Pets earn money every hour, and store up to 24 hours worth of money

/pet info

Display information about your pet.

/pet rename name*

Change your pet's name. This costs 250 white balls.

name* - Your pet's new name.

/pet appearance index*

Change your pet's appearance. You can preview the images here.

index* - Index of the image you want to use.