Below i've listed all the changes that have been made to the bot.


• Fixed raid results.
• Slightly improved the responding AI.
• Raids now block a few minutes before and after posting results to calculate them safely.
- Removed some unnecessary bloat.


+ Added a general /help command (finally).
• Small bug fixes


+ Added pets.
• Changed image format from .png to .jpg, reducing their size by 92%.. (i'm serious, idk why i didn't do jpegs from the start, that was stupid)
• Small improvements to the code.
• Fixed the Raid system, along with other small bug fixes. (the bot shouldn't crash at 8AM anymore)


+ Added beta version of Raids.
+ Added the /praise command.
• Increased Rogue crit chance cap to 75%
• Miscellaneous bugfixes


+ Added /gachainfo to get information about the gacha system, current banners, drop rates, etc.
+ Added the banner system - every week, a different 5☆ character will have a 50% chancee to be pulled when using /gacha.


+ Added batch smithy attempts
+ Added a Win/Loss streak to /gamble
• Reworked Balls RPG leveling and XP gain to make it fair past Level 100
• Reworked Shop and Loot drop rates in Balls RPG to make more rare items drop more often at higher levels
• Lowered Gacha duplicate refund from 60 -> 40