About me

Who am i?


I'm Michael, 23 years old from Poland, and i do various things. I'm mostly a jack-of-all-trades programmer, but i'm also learning pixel art and sound design. I love creating stuff, and game development is my passion. I made this website to show off what i can do, i designed and coded everything myself - no frameworks, from scratch - and i'd appreciate any feedback.

What do i do?

In terms of programming, i mainly create games. I tried various engines, like Godot, Unity and GameMaker, which i'm currently staying with, as i'm in the mood for 2D games at the moment. It's very simple to understand, while being very quick and versatile. Currently i have 4 games planned, all of which are different genres. My goal is to make games that i'd like to play myself, as well as a game for each genre. Aside from games, i make websites and webapps from time to time, for example this one. It's fun playing around with many languages. I have played around with making general software in C++, C# and Java, although i'm not doing anything with that at the moment.


I'm a beginner at this, but i'm learning how to create pixel-art, as well as some simple music. Striving to be a versatile one-man team, one has to learn all aspects of game development. Before going to game art, i've done graphic design, and i'm very adept at using GIMP. I can create logos, retouch/edit images, make posters, etc., some of which you may notice here on this site.

I'm also sometimes, albeit rarely, streaming as a VTuber. When the planets align, and everything is at the right place at the right time, i may do a gaming or programming livestream, so if you wanna catch me live, drop a follow here. I speak English and Polish, so use those languages. Beware of my awful accent though >.<