Hello world!

The cutest developer!

Hi! I'm Mihaugoku, and i make stuff! Welcome to my website!
Not sure how you found me, but it's a pleasure to meet you! I have so much to tell you, but before we get to that i need to properly introduce myself: You can call me Michael, Mihau, Meowkuu, anything is fine with me. I love* coding and creating stuff, especially games! My goal is to provide lots of fun to all my friends (that includes you 😉), and also make coding fun and somewhat challenging for myself.
* This applies only to the time that my code works as intended.

What can you find here?

This is sort of my personal website, where i share with you everything i'm up to when it comes to programming. First of all you can visit my posts page where you can read all about my newest coding adventures, if you're into that. There's also the projects tab. Over there i have download links for my (usually) finished projects, which you can get for yourself and enjoy! It's a bit barren as of now, but it'll get much, much bigger as time goes on. You can also read a bit more about me here, and if you wish to follow me on other sites, or talk to me directly, you can do so on the contact page. I'd love to talk with you all and make many friends!

Join me on my journey!

Want to join me on my quest? Great! Spread the word to your friends, followers, and whatnot. The more the merrier! Let's all make something great one bug line at a time! ♥
I appreciate every single person that even looks checks out what i have to offer here ♥
(Also please be nice to this website - it's held together by some tape, hopes, and dreams - thank you!)